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General Gynecology and Wellness Care
Obstetrics: Low-risk and High-risk Pregnancies
Contraceptive Counseling and Management
Menopause: Medical and/or Integrative Management
Osteoporosis Detection and Treatment
Hysteroscopic Surgery: Evaluation of irregular bleeding, Endometrial Ablation and Resection of polyps and fibroids
Evaluation of Abnormal PAP Smear – including Colposcopy and LEEP
Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis and Therapy
Medical and Surgical Management of Abnormal Gynecologic Conditions – including Irregular bleeding, Fibroids and Ovarian cysts
High-risk Pregnancy Management – including Gestational diabetes, Multiple gestation and other conditions
Performance of Amniocentesis
Infertility Diagnosis and Therapy
Procreative Counseling
Primary Care Services
Internal Medicine Services
Integrative/Functional Medicine

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